Having trouble with your order? Please take a read through some of our FAQ's before contacting us for further support and assistance. 

When will I receive my order?

Your order should be delivered instantly after purchase to your inbox. If you are paying with PayPal, you will be re-directed to the PayPal site to complete your purchase. Once you return to our site, your download details should be in your inbox.   

I've opened my resume and the formatting is completely messed up. How do I fix it?

You may have to simply update some of your Microsoft Word settings to reset the template. Please note all resume templates do not work in Open Office or Apple Pages. Please follow the instructions below to fix your resume template in Microsoft Word:

  • In Word file, go to File > Page Setup
  • Settings > Page Attributes
  • Format for > Any Printer
  • Paper Size > Click here and then click on "Manage Custom Sizes"
  • Click + to add new size
  • Name it "PDF Borderless" (or whatever you'd like)
  • Click in the paper size boxes to make 8.5 x 11
  • Make sure Non-Printable Area says "User Defined," and change margins in boxes to 0
  • Click "OK"

How do I download the template?

With your download, you will receive a .zip file. Double click on the file to un-zip the contents and save to your desktop.  

What programs are compatible with these templates?

All compatible programs with each product will be listed in the product descriptions. Please read this information carefully before purchasing and ensure you have the proper programs to use the templates. For all resume templates designs in Microsoft Word, they are NOT compatible in Open Office or Apple Pages. We do not offer refunds for Word resumes that aren't formatted properly in Open Office because we do not support that program. 

How do I install the free fonts?

To install the free fonts, proceed to open the text file labelled "Font Download Instructions.txt" Click on the hyperlink or copy and paste the URL into your browser. Proceed to click on the "Download" button. If the download is a .zip file, un-zip the contents to your desktop and open the folder.

Double click on the font file  this should open your computer's font installer. This means your font has been installed on your computer. Restart Microsoft Word and open your template to load the new fonts. 

I didn't get an e-mail from you. Where can I get my files?

If you didn't receive a download link, please contact us with proof of purchase and we will send you the files directly. 

How do I save my resume as a PDF?

To save your resume as a PDF, please follow the instructions below: 

  • In Word file, Go to Printer > Choose any
  • Presets > Standard
  • Click on PDF > Save as PDF
  • Choose file name and save location on your computer
  • Click "Save"

How do I print my resume?

To print your resume, follow the instructions above to save as PDF. Find the location of the PDF on your computer and proceed to print from your default PDF reader. 

What kind of product support do you offer?

Since running this shop is not my day job, I am only available to provide minimal support. I recommend that you have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word or Photoshop before downloading one of my templates. I can provide you with assistance on formatting issues related to the template. However, I cannot provide support on Microsoft Word specific functions such as adding borders, changing fonts, background colours, etc.