Traditional Resumes

Premium traditional resume templates

Conservative resumes are made for universal appeal. Traditional resumes are popular because they can be used across lots of industries and are timeless. Conservative resumes are easy to read and easy to edit. For more basic Microsoft Word users, it makes it easier to edit and print. No matter what type of management position you are searching for, hopefully you can find a resume that suits your more traditional style. 

Tips for traditional resumes

1. Industry matters. Some industries have a non-spoken status quo. Adhering to these traditional standards when applying for jobs can be extremely important. Conservative and traditional industries can include banking, education, government, law, etc. Many companies within these industries will stick to traditional resumes because they work. 

2. Traditional resume layout. Every conservative resume template should have essential components to it: summary, highlights, skills, experience, and education.  With traditional resumes, it might be a good item to include a few standard keywords as many companies in these industries use software to scan for certain keywords. 

3. Traditional doesn't mean boring. A well-designed traditional resume can help you stand out even from the boring black-and-white Microsoft Word resume template you see online. Simple elements of your resume such as typography, layout and spacing can make a large difference in terms of how aesthetically pleasing your resume is.