Medical Resumes

Professional and premium medical CV templates

The need for healthcare is becoming more and more in-demand as the population starts to age considerably, with a 30% growth being projected by 2020. Don't let your critical medical experience and background information get lost in the shuffle. These professional medical resume templates show evidence of your healthcare training and educational credentials. Our packages are easy to download, customize, edit and send for nurses, medical assistants, oncologists, pediatrists, or whatever area of medicine you specialize in. 

Tips for healthcare-specific resumes

1. Highlight you education. Many healthcare positions require very specific certifications and qualifications before you are legally allowed to acquire a job. The school you received your education at can be actually be much more important as a nurse or doctor than in any other field. Schools earn reputations for being more demanding of their students and can affect your chances of landing a job after graduation. 

2. Tailor your resume. The healthcare industry encompasses hundreds of sub-specializations which require a highly tailored skillset. It's a great idea to focus on your skillset because the decisions you make with patients can have an impact on human lives. Technical skills are important for performing your job well, and soft skills are important for handling patients and potentially stressful situations. Providing a list of basic routine duties on your medical resume won't be as effective as providing examples of where you exceeded expectations. 

3. Process improvements are key. Many medical professions include working with teams.  Indicating that you work well and communicate effectively within a group is important to any employer – handling relationships with doctors, other nurses, specialists within the clinic, and of course, your patients and their family members.