Management Resumes

Professional, premium management CV templates

Is your resume not doing it's job? Our management resume templates are ideal for professionals who want to grab the attention of potential employers and take the next step in their career. Regardless of where you are in your career, entry-level, mid-level, assistant management, or senior management, our resume templates are timeless and will help anyone get to the top of the pile. Start getting the interviews at the companies you want. 

Tips for management resumes

1. Ability to lead and motivate. Many managers can have different types of management style. This means your resume should be a reflection of your authority, leadership, and responsibility at previous positions. Demonstrate how you helped others achieve their goals and how you made an impact as a boss, not just as an employee.

2. Communication skills. Dealing with difficult and uneasy situations is something all managers will have to deal with at some point in their careers. While education can be an important part of your management resume, highlight the skills you learned on the job (which can include soft skills like communication).

3. Project management skills. Managers are hired for very specific reason – new marketing strategies or projects, leaderships skills, building a new product, or creating a winning team. Use that to your advantage and tailor your resume details to the specifics of the job. If you can attach your achievements to an ROI, even better.